Criminal Minds Review: The Other Side?

Talk about wrapping it up quickly, damn.

No one thought they'd drag Rossi's personal drama with his ex-wife out indefinitely, but I could've blinked and missed that story line. At least we know how it all turns out now...

This week on "Epilogue," the buzz centered on the ever popular question, "What happens after we die?" Is it all warmth and light, like Reid says? Or something more ominous, like Prentiss felt? Whether you lean towards the Patrick Swayze "Ghost" route or think that the tape simply runs out, this episode gave us something to think about, that's for sure.

The idea of an UnSub who prolongs his killing so that he can ask his victims what they saw is at once horrible and also terribly sad. I can't think of anything that would torment you more than wondering if you were going to face an eternity of suffering one day. It's enough to drive someone crazy, or in this case, drive you to pick off unsuspecting victims and bring them to their untimely, watery graves. Harsh, dude, harsh. Read More...


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