Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1 Episode 33: The Northern Wall of Briggs Review

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The journey north, seemingly done by most everyone at this point, hits its stride with this episode though not without some quiet time along the way as well. The hunt for Scar is the dominating part of all of this as he's made enough noise to be tracked along his journey and now Kimblee is stepping in with quite a bit of glee about him as he sets to correct his mistake in not killing the Ishvalan properly the first time around.

There are two main tracks to this episode and a mild subplot serving as the third piece that will be more important down the line. The first track involves Scar making his way north on the train with a companion and he's finally been targeted by the military with his location. That's all Kimblee needs to go after him now and that leads to a rather fun and somewhat raw fight between the two on the train as it barrels through the snow filled landscape. The two men certainly have reason to go at it with abandon, though Kimblee is a bit more gleeful over it until he realizes that his time in prison has slowed down his reflexes some. Scar on the other hand has been fighting continuously for some time now and the man in front of him is directly responsible for the deaths of so many that he almost becomes unglued in how he goes after him. It's a brief scene overall but it has some great raw emotion from Scar that continues to turn him much more sympathetic.

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