'Psych': Joey McIntyre! Plus, The Catch, Tap Man and the preying Mantis


What a delightful episode of "Psych." The case of the week is a rogue vigilante who calls himself The Mantis, going around town and thwarting drug busts of a local cartel. He seems to be a hero and Juliet certainly has some stars in her eyes.But it all turns out to be a sham - the mild-mannered reporter whose alter-ego is The Mantis is actually taking the drug money from the cartel after he stops them. Naughty, naughty. Naturally, Shawn and Gus ... excuse us, The Catch and Tap Man, manage to figure it all out and bring him down. What we loved: Joey McIntyre as Officer Scott Reynolds. The 10-year-old girl in us squeed every time he was on screen. Please bring him back as a recurring character.We cried with laughter when Gus started tap dancing as Tap Man. Awesome.The comic book opening credits, segues to commercial and the "Batman" TV show fight scene...



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