Suburgatory 1.06 "Charity Case" Review


If there's one thing that I'd like to see Suburgatory work on, it's the fact that it has weird tonal shifts that come out of nowhere. I actually welcome the fact that after six episodes, this show has so many different avenues and story angles that it could go down, likely producing a solid series in the process; I just think that the show has been a little jerky in terms of when it expresses each side of its identity. The first spurt of Suburgatory episodes may all have funny lines and character aching to be thrown together in varying combinations, but they've also suffered from a clear identity crisis.

In "Charity Case", the show goes back to the broad humor of a couple of past episodes and amps up the cartoon-y nature of the events by about a billion. Having Tessa focus her efforts/negative feelings on the people of Chatswin now that she's seemingly okay with her residence in Suburgatory was satisfactory enough, but I think that "Charity Case" played it a little too silly and big without grounding the show enough. It's the first time where the show's gotten away from itself and zoomed about for 20 minutes, dipping and zipping and damn near flailing about; I don't mind a little manic energy in my comedy and it's been established that Suburgatory likes to go large, but it was a strange choice after last week's slower, calmer Halloween episode that focused primarily on character building. Read More...


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