'Happy Endings' recap: Lie To Me

One of the nice things about being a fan of a show that's still relatively new is that you still get to find out new things about the characters each week. For instance, during this week's episode of Happy Endings, titled "Lying Around," we learned that Max was an extra in 8 Mile and directed his own film called Dog Leg Right, Alex knows French (but only if it's from an episode of Cheers), Dave is terrible on camera, Jane knows a very unintentionally sexually suggestive cheer, Penny can't sit seductively on a couch, and Brad wears a sleep apnea mask and has a private stock of honeysuckle candles. (Seriously, I'm loving these guys more and more each week.)

Brad could, however, lie to his wife Jane when her insufferable sorority friend Sara was on her way to visit and he needed an out. (Well, other than Parkouring.) Rather than endure a few days of farmer's markets, Russian tea room visits, and making custom perfumes, Brad lied and said he had an out-of-town business meeting, when really he stayed in Chicago and became besties with "America's sweetheart," sportscaster Brent Musburger. (Seems grown men finding new friends was a trend last night on ABC, as Modern Family's Phil had a somewhat similar experience.) But, two could play at that game. When Sara suddenly cancelled on Jane, she took advantage of having the apartment to herself and indulged in spa treatments and knitting. Of course, both parties got caught and tried -- and failed -- to lie to each other some more, until they realized they could take a staycation away from each other without guilt. Cheese shopping, however? Well, that takes two. Read More...



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