'Modern Family' recap: The Pick-Up Artist

You know it's a good episode of Modern Familywhen I end the night with a smile -- and I mean that quite literally. Last night, when Phil made a friend in the final minutes of the episode, I realized as Happy Endings began that at some point, I had broken out into a full, teeth-exposing grin of glee. That, people, is the power of comedy. I mean, it's also a little creepy when I think of myself sitting here grinning alone, but let's focus on the positive. And there was so much of it last night.

In case you missed the episode, there's a good chance 90 percent of it is transcribed for you below in quotables. (Seriously, the hits just kept on coming!) But lets briefly run through the stories.

Over in Phil-ville, Luke and Phil set out to build a treehouse, but it turned out to be a horror. Phil, who's never a construction expert, seemed doomed for the beginning, but his heart was in the right place. But Luke was more concerned with keeping his head in the right place and once he saw the project take a nosedive, he decided to bow out. Read More...



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