'American Horror Story' recap: The Furies

Halloween night at the Murder House. There will be tricks. There will be treats. There will be bloody dog in the microwave. (Although that might be a trick, too.) But more than anything, there will be masks. And by evening's end, some of them will come off, exposing hideous faces underneath.

We begin where we left off last week. Larry Harvey is pounding on the door. He wants his headshots. He wants his thousand bucks. But what the scorched faced firebug with the dead kin and Broadway dreams wants most of all is Ben Harmon, and he wants him now. Trick-or-treating kids approach. Larry scares them away, pelting them with candy from the 'TAKE ONE' bowl Violet left on the porch. Scary-hilarious. If only Larry was willing to hire himself out as a haunted house attraction, he'd make his precious thousand bucks in no time flat.

On the other side of the devil-windowed door stands Violet. She sees The Burning Man through the peephole. She calls her parents at the hospital, where they wait for an ultrasound they’ll never get. Ben tells Violet to hang tight and promises to get to her ASAP. Violet listens to Larry huff and puff like a big bad wolf and she’s spooked. She backs away the door, as if afraid the monster’s rage might blow it down. She doesn’t see The Rubber Man behind her, shiny and lithe and waiting. But then the buzzing and pounding stops; Larry, it seems, has given up. And when Violet senses the presence of someone behind her, and then wheels around to confront it, the silent and sinister sentinel is gone. Read More...



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