REVENGE “Charade” Review

REVENGE "Charade" Season 1 Episode 7 – Revenge is not a soap, it’s more subversive than that. Really it’s a melodrama and after seven episodes the show is starting to get some serious drive as we get deeper into the chaos of the Hamptons elite. The thing that any great show realizes is that themedium of television is not suited to a one-character study, like a novel or a film. There’s too much time in television and while Emily Thorne/Amanda may be the main character, if she doesn’t have an interesting support base built up around her, the show is going to flatline fairly fast.

Revenge realized that from the get go and it has been building and fleshing out an array of interesting and mysterious supporting characters, from Nolan to Daniel to Conrad to the Porter boys (though calling them "interesting" is a bit of a stretch) and of course, Madeline Stowe’s Victoria, who lends the show far more depth and complexity that you’d imagine it otherwise having. Read More...


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