AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL "Game" Season 17 Episode 8 – Pot Ledom is Top Model backwards. That’s catchy, right? It better be, because this episode of Top Model deals with singing. Singing? You say. Models don’t sing. And Tyra isn’t a superhero. But apparently that’s the aim of the game. Themodels want to make music that’ll go viral like Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black.

The song writing competition brings Allison to tears as he remembers he recently deceased father, and it brings out Lisa’s A game as she’s determined to wipe the competition right out of the gate.

Game is brought on to direct the models’ music videos and while he feels stale with Alexandria and fun with Lisa, you can tell Allison’s song is the one that resonates most with him.

Tara gets out the best line of the episode: "Oh, now we are in one line, because we are dwindling dwindling dwindling." Maybe it had more to do with her delivery, but that was pretty amazing. Read More...


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