CRIMINAL MINDS “Epilogue” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS "Epiloge" Season 7 Episode 6 – A killer who gets off on resussetating his victimsbefore the die so he can find out if they "walked into the light" brings the team to California for one of the best episodes Criminal Minds has done in a long time. We’re not dealing with gratuitous attractive young white women, we’re finally dealing with different demographics: young white men, but-and this is a big but-they’re of varying degrees of attraction. Oh yes, there’s a blonde woman thrown into the mix, but the murderer isn’t particular about killing. He’s more interested in the afterlife than in torturing any particular brand of blondes.

Now, that’s not what made this episode so good. The gang did some actual police work – they talked to a coroner who brought them to thoughtful conclusions in a way which was far smarter than the deus ex machina that is Garcia or the coinky-dink assumptions made by the team on the plane, which, shockingly, always turn out to be dead on. Then they revealed some personal truths about past traumas: when Reid died in the shed, he saw a light and felt warm. When Prentiss died in the ambulance, she felt cold and darkness. It makes the unsub’s MO (check me out with my awesome jargon) one of the more unique among Criminal Minds‘ hefty repetoire of motives. Read More...


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