MODERN FAMILY “Treehouse” Review

MODERN FAMILY "Treehouse" Season 3, Episode 7 – There’s a strange magical allure to the idea of atreehouse that doesn’t seem to fade away as we grow into adulthood. In the hopes that Luke would also be captivated by that childhood excitement, Phil spent this episode of Modern Family trying to build a treehouse for Luke.

Of course, this is Phil building a treehouse, so it’s not a smooth construction process and to add to his frustration, Luke has little interest in the treehouse at all. Although he may not fully realize it or ever really admit it, Phil had been building that treehouse for himself to make up for old friendships that have become distant.

As much as Phil feels alone in his bro-less family life, he’s never really bothered to look for new friendships among the people who are the nearest to him. Although he may have lost a treehouse, he found a new friend in neighbor Andre (Kevin Hart) with whom he had unknowingly been sharing a back yard wall with for 8 years. I’m looking forward to some Phil and Andre adventures in the neighborhood since it’s been rare to see Phil interacting with guys outside of his wife’s family. Read More...


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