SUBURGATORY “Charity Case” Review

SUBURGATORY "Charity Case" Season 1 Episode 6 – You have to hand it to Tessa. For all of her world-weariness, she still thinks she can make a difference in the crazy world into which she’s been dropped. But as she learns in "Charity Case," this week’s Suburgatory, you can lead a suburbanite to a homeless transvestite hooker, but you can’t make them eat rancid meat.

After noticing that Dalia and her groupies throw away more uneaten food than a group of teenagevampires posing as humans, Tessa goes against her better judgement and tries to bring up the issue of waste with Mr. Wolfe. He appoints her head of the committee to stop waste, which results in an assembly, which leads to Dahlia deciding that they need to focus their charity efforts on the poor people of Florida.

All right. As a native Floridian, I could have taken offense at this, but in all honesty, my hair did frizz when I lived there and I could have used a better skin-care regime, but had I ever received such a care package from a rich Yankee, I would have returned the favor with a pound of bacon grease in cold cream jar.

Anyway…as her efforts have been thwarted by idiocy, Tessa tries a different approach, namely bringing the homeless transvestite, Gladys, from her old neighborhood to school to show everyone what someone in real need looks like. Read More...


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