UP ALL NIGHT “Parents” Review

UP ALL NIGHT "Parents" Season 1 Episode 7 – Is there some sort of comedy requirement that if the parent of a TV character is a psychologist/psychiatrist, they have to be either obnoxious, arrogant or combination of both? In "Parents," this week’s Up All Night, we meet Regan’s mother, Dr. Angie (Blythe Danner) a surprisingly repentant example of this trope.

Obsessed with his impending death (he’s got 21 years according to Sports Illustrated and Deathwatch.com), Chris encourages Regan to establish a better relationship with her mother who has, up until this point, only used her daughter as fodder for her best-selling parenting books.

Determined not to have the same horrible relationship with Amy as she has with her mother, Regan agrees to try, going so far as to be her mother’s date at the book party UCLA has decided to throw for her. But it’s hard not to be angry at a woman who uses the worst possible photo of her daughter as the cover of her book. Regan gets drunk and lets Mommy have it. Read More...



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