'The Office' Covers 'Closing Time' (VIDEO)

Some days, we really wish Andy Bernard was our boss. OK, more like most days, but then we would probably never get any work done. In fact, does anyone at Dunder Mifflin ever do any work?

Judging from this exclusive clip of tonight's episode of 'The Office,' that looks like a no. But if you had to ask us what we would rather be doing at 5PM on a weeknight -- working or jamming out to Semisonic's 'Closing Time' -- we would definitely choose the latter.

'The Office' is known for their completely random cold opens, but this just might rank as one of our all-time favorites. It could be the 90's nostalgia or Andy's uninhibited desire to have an "end of the day tradition," but there's something about this clip that just makes us want to go home.


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