Modern Family Recap: The Gift of the Vagi

"I mean, I know you’re gay. It’s obvious. The way you talk and walk and dress, and your theatrical hand gestures." Everyone, prime your gaydars. If the previous episode of Modern Family found Claire cozying up to a man who she only assumed was gay, last night was all about how Cam — television’s closest thing to a walking jazz hand — is not exactly equipped to pass as a straight guy. Cam attempts to get in touch with his hetero side while sipping a fruity cocktail at a bar. When a waitress flirts with him and/or trolls for tips (that would be Mitchell’s take on the interaction), Cam insists that if he was straight he would totally be a womanizer. Or, "you could be someone who just stepped out of a machine called the womanizer," Mitchell responds. Cam is so sure he can pass (if he were straight and she was single, he and Julia Roberts would be the perfect couple), that he bets Mitchell that he can get a woman at the bar to give him her phone number — a month of laundry duty is at stake. Read More...


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