Survivor: South Pacific 23.08 "Double Agent" Recap


If you missed one of the most bizarre moves in Survivor history, make sure you catch up with last week's recap.

This week's episode begins at Savaii the night of the last Tribal Council.  Cochran notes how quickly the game changes, and thanks to Ozzy's plan, it has changed quickly again. The move may go down as one of the biggest moves in Survivor history.  Cochran addresses the group about what he should say to Upolu upon The Merge.  He's pretended to like the members of his tribe for eighteen days, he can pretend to like Upolu.  Ozzy arrives at Redemption Island and tells Christine that Cochran pulled out the Hidden Immunity Idol and ousted him.  He then confesses that his move could have been the craziest thing he has ever done, or, in the alternative, the ballsiest.

The next morning, Christine and Ozzy arrive at the RI Arena with all members of both tribes watching.  Jeff asks Ozzy if he is surprised to be on RI?  Ozzy protests way too much about his "betrayal," but Albert and Coach aren't buying it.  For the Duel, the players must make a pole out of sticks to grab three keys.  Then using the keys, they must unlock three locks.  The first to step through their unlocked door wins.  Besides just being able to stay on RI, the winner of Duel will return to the game proper. "Survivors ready....go." Read More...


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