The X Factor Recap: Whoops, the Judges Forgot It Was a Singing Competition Again!

Marcus Canty on The X Factor.

At the end of tonight’s whooshing, self-important intro package, Simon smugly tells us: "Tonight it’s not about the judges, it’s about the singers." And thus begins two hours in which the judges bicker among themselves about their own song and wardrobe choices, and almost completely ignore the noises coming from the stage, which — honestly you guys? Were sometimes the wrong noises. Simon, to use one of your favorite criticisms from back when you were critical: I think when you watch this show back, you’re going to be very disappointed.

One quick point of order: Tonight is the first night we here at home — in America! — will get to vote for our favorites, as we are told no fewer than eight times in the first four minutes. And then tomorrow night ... one act will be eliminated? Weren’t they going to wrap this up by Christmas? They might have to sneak some double eliminations in there, but I’d be more likely to believe that Fox is adding four extra weeks to December. Read More...


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