The Middle 3.08 "Heck's Best Thing" Recap

the middle

This week, Axl is the one impressing everyone, and Sue and Brick are the ones getting in trouble. This was a great episode for Axl's character.

The recruiter we saw earlier in the season from East Indiana State shows up at Axl's football game and wants to schedule a time to come to his house for an interview. Axl tells his parents, and they are so excited that they might finally get some money back on their kids. They might just be able to retire in their early 90s now. After the news, Axl proceeds to eat popcorn pieces off his chest. Frankie and Mike are understandably worried about the interview and decide they'll have to put on a big show.

In preparation, they send Sue and Brick to borrow a fancy chip platter from Aunt Edie. She gives them a bunch of other crap too, but the best part is that she puts it all in one of those personal belongings bags from the hospital.

Frankie and Mike talk to Axl about the upcoming interview, but he's upset that they don't trust him. They give him a list of stuff not to do: don't pretend to kill yourself in any way, don't lick food off your body, don't call the recruiter "broskie," don't say "lame" or "uck" or "God." If he doesn't know what to say, let them do the talking. Axl freaks out and says he'll be ready for the interview on Thursday. The interview is Wednesday. Read More...


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