'Bones' Season 7 premiere: Baby makes ... things very interesting


After a long, long, long (did we mention it was long?!) wait, "Bones" is finally back with Thursday's Season 7 premiere, "Memories in a Shallow Grave."We got off to a very "Bones"-like start -- the opening scenes where unsuspecting bystanders discover bodies in the worst ways possible are always fun to watch. The premiere's "accidentally sticking finger in decomposing eyeball" is one of the most disgusting ways to discover a dead body (and that's saying something, considering discovering a dead body is inherently disgusting on its own).Much of the episode focused on the Booth-Brennan dynamic as the new couple struggles with normal topics like "where should we raise our child," but in that very Booth-Brennan way. She is overly scientific and doesn't consider Booth's feelings, he doesn't spell out his wishes in plain English (which is actually a good thing, because Brennan always learns better when she figures things out for herself).Overprotective Booth was...



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