'Parks and Recreation': Party at the end of the world


The hook for Thursday's (Nov. 3) episode of "Parks and Recreation" was that the remnants of the cult that ran Pawnee in the '70s was once again preparing for the end of the world. Seeing the followers of Zorp was a nice little addition to the canvas of Pawnee.But what the cultists inspired everyone else to do -- even though no one actually believed them -- was really, really nice. The mix of really great comedy, including a vintage Leslie freakout, and sweetness makes "End of the World" my favorite episode of the season so far.The show has touched on the lingering feelings Leslie and Ben have for one another a little this season, but it hasn't dealt with them head-on until now. And Leslie clearly still wasn't ready for it, pretty much going bananas when reporter Shauna Malwae-Tweep asks if Ben is single. In true Knope style, she comes up with a half-baked plan...



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