Recap: 'Project Accessory' - 'Sole Searching'

Initially I had some serious reservations about "Project Accessory." A necklace wandering down a runway isn't quite as captivating (or easy to see) as an entire outfit, no matter how large your TV screen. The other issue I had with the concept was shoemaking. Having taken a shoemaking class, I can say that making a shoe -- a shoe that isn't crippling or dangerous, at least -- is no easy task. Several producers have already tried to make a version of "Project Runway" focused on footwear and failed (one show was sponsored by a well-known design house). Shoes are just plain tricky, and the issue then becomes -- do you penalize a designer with a great idea (and who doesn't usually design shoes) for crappy execution when they probably wouldn't be starting off in the footwear realm in the "real world" anyway? Is that fair? What about pitting a designer with metalworking experience against one who has a handbag background on a jewelry design challege? Is it realistic to think one designer has mastered all these skill sets? Fashion is obviously apples and apples, but lumping all accessories into one category is not. Naturally, I did not have high hopes for "Project Accessory."  Read More...


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