Bones Photos & Promo: Meet the Newest Squintern in Episode 7.02

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The season 7 premiere of Bones gave us a whole new playing field to deal with.  Booth and Brennan are expecting their baby and, by the end of the episode, decided to officially move in together.  Their relationship is out in he open (not that they could hide it, mind you) and everyone is taking to it rather well, the viewers included.  Angela and Hodgins have their own adorable new baby and Sweets is picking up a bit of Brennan's fieldwork.

The November 10 episode of Bones has Booth and the Jeffersonian staff investigating the death of a competitive eating champion.  But personal issues dominate the episode, particularly when Brennan attends an ultrasound appointment that reveals the sex of the baby but failed to invite Booth.  Some viewers might think her decision to exclude him was callous, but it was simply Brennan being Brennan.  Fortunately, Booth suggests that she "take a walk in his shoes" to understand why he's hurt by such actions and hilarity ensues. Read More...


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