Community Review: Daddy Issues

It was really difficult to take notes on this week's Community, considering Pierce's father's ridiculous wig kept staring at me through the screen. Yes, "Advanced Gay" introduced us to Father Hawthorne and it was NOT a welcome meeting.'

The episode started off solidly, with everyone getting along and Pierce in a jolly, less judgmental mood. Plus, I can never resist a YouTube sensation. I got a pocket full of Hawthorne wipes!!! Then, things took a turn for... well, for a very touchy route.

By no means is Community opposed to tackling controversial issues and writing non-PC jokes, but this episode was sure to offend just about everyone. Still, I guess that was the point. Did you notice that in the face of homophobic, racist, and prejudicial comments that this was the first installment in weeks that didn't have the group at each other's throats? Read More...


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