'The Vampire Diaries' recap: This is how Salvatores say 'I love you'


Listen, I cry during "Vampire Diaries" episodes with alarming regularity. (I should probably talk to a therapist about how my emotional investment in this television show vastly overwhelms my emotional investment in... say... my actual life.) But tonight, I cried extra. In fact, I haven't ever cried this hard during a show that didn't have Coach Taylor in it. Except for the first time Sam Winchester died, maybe.But I digress.Tonight's episode reiterated a lot of the themes that have always been present in the show -- most significantly the fact that family can be both your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. Your brother is, essentially, born to be your greatest ally and your most ruthless enemy.Even though these were ideas we've seen in play on the show for two and a half seasons, tonight gave an emotional resonance to them we haven't seen before. Basically, it made me want to drop everything in my...



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