The Big Bang Theory 5.08 Review

big bang theory

After a noticeable lack of Amy Farrah Fowler in last week’s Halloween prank-fest, she’s back in all of her socially awkward glory this week as preparations for Bernadette’s wedding get underway. Sure enough, this episode focused entirely on Amy as she struggled with being left out of a pivotal part of the wedding festivities—shopping for a bridesmaid dress. In the midst of the drama, Sheldon has his personal boundaries nudged just a little further in his attempts to comfort Amy.

As an unabashed fan-girl of all things A.F.F. this episode was fantastic. I was glad to see that the show addressed some of her insecurity issues, which having a friend like Penny it was bound to come up sooner or later. The always-had-friends type of girl can never quite fully be on the level of understanding of what it was like for someone like Amy while they were growing up. It was sweet that Bernadette offered to make amends for upsetting Amy by letting her be the maid of honor in hers and Howard’s wedding, even though we’ve already gotten hints as to how being picked to have such a title is going to affect Amy. Boy and they thought she was an over-excitable bridesmaid, clearly Penny and Bernadette have quite the adventure ahead of them before the big day if the glimpse of the trio’s shared dress-shopping endeavor was anything to go by. Read More...


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