Community 3.06 "Advanced Gay" Recap


This week’s episode was an ode to the racist and brash Pierce Hawthorne…and what an episode it was.

We start with the group sitting down for their daily lunch, where our favorite janitor (Jerry Minor) finds Troy and tries to again recruit him to the ways of plumbing, given his "natural talent." He agrees to go see one toilet, mostly to get him off his back. Meanwhile, the group sits down to lunch and makes a surprising discovery – turns out that Pierce is the new icon in the gay community due to his popular Hawthorne Wipes. He unknowingly fuels this status by signing his product for two gay students, not realizing their orientation (sidenote – I loved the subtleness of the boys throwing a wink to Jeff as they leave.) Abed does some YouTube research, finding that the popularity of his product is so huge that a transsexual named Urbana Champaign (RuPaul’s Drag Race Shangela) has created a dance music video to express her love of the product. Pierce at first is outraged, saying he wants to take Urbana Champaign to court for her actions. Read More...


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