'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Brotherly Love

I've got to admit, you guys, when I saw those etch-a-sketch cave drawings in last week's TVDpreview I was a wee bit skeptical about how this episode was going to turn out. But once again this show has proven me wrong. From revealing flashbacks (with Elijah!) to brotherly bonding and of course, an all too swoon-worthy Damon and Elena bedroom scene (don't worry we WILL discuss this), this week's episode definitely delivered. Now, let's jump in!

The episode kicks off with former besties Alaric and Damon showing Elena the cave that Mason Lockwood discovered in the last episode. Turns out that Mason was speechless moments before disappearing into the land of dearly departed vamps (again), because he saw a wall covered in cave drawings illustrating how the originals came to be. Now, I know this was meant to be a big reveal and what not,  but there's something about miniature chalk-stick drawings that make me chuckle. But I digress. The cave paintings were obviously a huge deal for Alaric, who finally got to release his inner-history geek. He explains to Elena that the drawings pre-dated the founding of the New World and that they were kind of a big deal. Before long, he's translating the ancient Viking script on the wall (NBD right?), which apparently reads: Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah. And here we thought writing our names in a bathroom stall was cool. Read More...



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