Person of Interest Review: Who Is Elias?

Hello, larger season long mythology. Excited to meet you.

I have to admit, the start of the episode didn't feel too promising. My eyes started to roll as soon as Fusco called Reese about looking into a "Witness" and Reese was already watching him. How convenient. I know that the police cases and Reese and Finch number cases are bound to intersect, but when it lines up so easily it can feel a bit contrived. I don't want things to be too obvious. In the long run, though, none of it really turned out to be.

Additionally, a majority of the time was spent discussing different crime syndicates and their enemies. It was a bit confusing trying to keep up with who was fighting who and which turf belonged to which group. Bulgarians, Russians, La Cosa Nostra? Frankly, I just wanted to know why it even mattered. Read More...


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