The Mentalist Review: Obsession Meets Obsession

On what may be my favorite episode of The Mentalist so far this season, the search for the San Joaquin killer brought Jane toe to toe with a worthy adversary. A man who could evade the police, the CBI, even Patrick Jane himself. That was until a little "Blinking Red Light" had Jane performing the ultimate set up as he used one serial killer to take down another.

Jane and Lisbon.  I always want to see more of these two but I did enjoy how Jane continued to push Lisbon to go with her instincts. He had faith that she'd be able to find the bad guy by going with her gut. Since the killer wasn't on the original list of eight suspects, you couldn't really blame her for not being able to pick him out but the guy she did get was certainly plenty creepy, killer or no.

Lisbon and Van Pelt.  The women of CBI made a good team but when they executed the search warrant at Richard's home, shouldn't they have had more backup? It seemed odd that it was just the two of them not to mention dangerous and time consuming for Van Pelt to search the entire house solo. I won't even get into Lisbon turning her back on a possible serial killer to try and pull something out of the fire. He could have cracked her skull and ran before Van Pelt ever got down the stairs. Read More...


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