THE SECRET CIRCLE “Beneath” Review

THE SECRET CIRCLE "Beneath" Season 1 Episode 8 - This week was much better than last week. I’m not going to revise my opinion of the kids, they’re still dumber than a box of rocks, but I’m going to assume that Chance Harbor runs on hormones and they just can’t help themselves.

Full disclosure: I misheard part of Jane’s text when Cassie read it out and spent the entire episode thinking ‘aren’t you going to worry about your grandmother yet?!’. So I suppose they’re smarter than I think. Maybe I’m just being harsh. Anyway:

It’s easier to split this week’s events into two groups, the good and the bad. The good – Henry’s leftover energy guiding Faye (and Cassie) to his body by showing Faye a projection of her younger self, and Charles Meade becoming a glorious bastard once again. The bad – we’ve now lost Jane to the dark side, and Cassie wants in Jake’s pants. Read More...


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