THE OFFICE “Doomsday” Review

THE OFFICE "Doomsday" Season 8, Episode 6 – Tonight’s cold open started The Office off on the right foot. Andy has officially been the regional manager in The Office for 105 days, but this is the first time we’ve heard of his "Closing Time" ritual which he uses to signal the end of the work day. Althoughthe rest of the staff might hate it, Stanley’s joyful reaction to hearing that song makes it totally worth their temporary suffering at the end of the day.

After Robert California criticizes the Scranton office for an unusually high number of costly mistakes, he gets on Andy’s case to make sure that the staff gets their act together. Andy’s daddy issues are totally apparent in his interactions with Robert and in the same way that Michael Scott was desperate for the staff to love him, Andy is desperate for Robert’s approval.

The best part of it is that I get the feeling that Robert is totally aware of how much Andy wants his approval. Rather than being sensitive to it, Robert meets Andy’s eagerness with an annoyed disappointment in everything Andy says or does. It’s not enough for Robert to tell Andy that he doesn’t agree with him, he’s got to show Andy that he’s actually offended by his simple mind. I actually think that Robert likes Andy as much as the next guy, he just has a general disappointment in everyone that he meets. Read More...


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