GREY’S ANATOMY “Heart-Shaped Box” Review

GREY’S ANATOMY Season 8, Episode 8 "Heart Shaped Box" – Tonight’s "Heart-Shaped Box" seems to have the title a little off; heart in a box was the phrase that was uttered over and over again. The doctors of Seattle Grace stared at the heart in a box, they ate with the heart in a box, they used her as their spiritual guide. Using the floating organ as some kind of silent Yoda was Richard’s idea, and from that vague, though successful suggestion to Cristina to the really eerily executed advice to Avery I’m beginning to wonder if Weber has put away the booze in favor of pot.

Teddy’s adorable husband’s (flirting from the gallery! cute but probably dangerous!) idea to go to medical school does seem a bit crazy, but her misstep with the argument seemed to be the suggestion her hubby would want to be a surgeon. She might as well accused him of being a copy cat. I want to believe her when she says everything will be ok with him, but I’m thinking coughing up blood is never a good sign. Still, nothing ends an argument like a medical emergency. Read More...


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