PRIME SUSPECT (US) “Gone to Pieces” Review

PRIME SUSPECT "Gone to Pieces" Episode 6 – Prime Suspect is such a great show. I was happy that NBC ordered additional episodes but I worry that if the ratings do not improve, it will face the same fate of so many other great single season shows. Join me in a brief moment of silence for The Good GuysTerriersDetroit 1-8-7 and Lights Out.

I had high hopes for tonight’s episode of Prime Suspect thanks to an appearance by Robert Wisdom before the opening credits. Some of you may know Robert Wisdom as Major Howard "Bunny" Colvin from The Wire – the cop who tried to legalize drugs in an abandoned Baltimore neighborhood known by hoppers and junkies as "Hamsterdam." There are certain series that are so epic that if I see an actor from the show appearing in another project, I will absolutely watch it. I was drawn to Prime Suspectbecause of Kirk Acevedo’s role on Oz and I live for all people, places and things related to The Wire. Read More...


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