PERSON OF INTEREST "Witness" Season 1 Episode 7 – Person of Interest returned this week with a pretty straight forward episode called "Witness". After a quick snippet of security cam footage that showed a convenience store patron being executed by a hitman, we see that a witness got away. When Carter and Fusco show up, we realize that the witness now being hunted by the Russian mob is actually our PoI, Charlie Burton.

The whole scene where Reese rescued Burton from his apartment suffered from several inconsistencies and leaps in logic for me. First of all, Reese is on top of the adjacent building, and he looks down to see the Russian mob piling out of cars and running up the stairs to get Burton. Somehow, Reese is able to get to the bottom of his building, and then run up Burton’s and get to him before the mob? That was a little bogus. Second, Reese has beaten up tons of gangsters and professional killers, and his iPhone has always remained unscathed. However, he beats up one baddie and shoots a couple more, and his phone gets completely shattered? You should have sprung for the case, Reese! Maybe one like I have that has Mickey Mouse on it! Read More...


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