CHARLIE’S ANGELS “Black Hat Angels” Review

CHARLIE’S ANGELS "Black Hat Angels" Season 1 Episode 6 – Bosley’s past comes back to haunt him in an explosive way in "Black Hat Angels," what could possibly be the last episode of Charlie’s Angels. Which, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, might be a teensy bit of a shame as the last five minutes were potentially intriguing.

When an artist with an eidetic memory is kidnapped, the Angels find themselves up against an oldhacker buddy of Bosley’s, Oswald, one he happened to betray. The hacker, who turns out to be a hot woman posing as the missing artist’s manager, wants Bosley dead, but when her safe-deposit bomb doesn’t take him out, she has to resort to hacking the police computers and getting him arrested for a bunch of fake charges. All of this just to launder money (which was where the artist came in). Read More....


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