COMMUNITY “Advanced Gay” Review

COMMUNITY "Advanced Gay" Season 3 Episode 6 – After two phenomenal episodes in a row, both of which have employed multiple mini-stories to tell their stories, we have returned to the classic template of a Community episode with "Advanced Gay".

The bulk of the episode focused on the introduction of Pierce’s father, who Shirley adequately described as the "Abed of racism". When Pierce finds out that he’s become somewhat of an idol in the gay community due to the popularity of his Hawthorne Wipes, his father arrives in order to set him straight (no pun intended), and in the process introduces us to yet another hilarious character. Everything from his ivory headpiece to the way he broke down the ancestry of the group members into a cleverly crafted insult was hilarious. It’s a shame he’s died so soon, as it would have been a great recurring character as long as he was taken in moderation. Read More...


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