THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “Ordinary People” Review

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES "Ordinary People" Season 3 Episode 8 - The title of this week’s episode refers to Klaus’ family, and the entire episode serves as both backstory and setup for Klaus’ eventual demise (assuming he does indeed die). While Alaric and Bonnie attempt to decipher the cave paintingsMason Lockwood guided Damon to, Elena goes to get the story directly from Rebecca.

The simple version is this: Michael is Klaus’ father and the original witch was his mother, Esther. They moved to the new world after a disease killed one of their children, and there they had the family we know of today. They lived peacefully side by side with the werewolves who inhabited america at that point, of whom the Lockwoods are descendants, until one full moon when their youngest child was killed by a werewolf.

Upset, Michael asked another witch with them to help protect his family by making them stronger. She declined. Esther opted to help her family, so she used the power of the sun and the eternal life of the white oak tree to make them stronger. But nature turned against them; the white oak became the one thing that could kill them, the vervain growing beneath it became toxic to them, and the sun burned them. Read More...


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