GRIMM “Bears Will Be Bears” Review

GRIMM "Bears Will Be Bears" Episode 2 – On this episode of GRIMM, it’s a cracked out version ofGoldilocks and the three bears. Gilda, (guest star Amy Gumenick) and her boyfriend decide to crash, well, actually if we’re being technical, the couple breaks into an empty house for a night of fun.

After eating and drinking themselves full, the couple retreats to the comforts of the bedroom. However, their night is interrupted when Gilda hears a car pull up outside. The pair get dressed quickly and high tail it out the window. Gilda makes it and survives a two story fall into a garden bed, only to see her boyfriend get yanked back inside. What goes down, she doesn’t know, but it doesn’t sound great.

Gilda makes it to the police station where Nick and Hank are ready to take the case of her missing boyfriend. Gilda admits to breaking and entering into the Rabe household, and when the detectives arrive to investigate her claims, they find a few interesting things. It turns out the Rabe family, specifically the matriarch of the family, are all about respecting ancestors. Between artifacts in the house, and the causes that the family is involved in, Nick starts to do some research on the different things that he saw at the house. Read More...


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