FRINGE “Novation” Review

FRINGE "Novation" Review Season 4 Episode 5 - Finally the baseball playoffs are over! While the St. Louis Cardinals deserve congratulations for their hard fought World Series win over the Texas Rangers, it’s great to have FRINGE back on Fridays. The last thing we saw before the playoffs was Peter’s return as he was fished out of Reiden Lake and finding out that no one remembers him. Tonight’s episode, "Novation" was great in that it had a little bit of everything: Peter, Shifters, Nina, and Custard (oh my!).

Again the Fringe team faces the threat of the shapeshifters, though these shifters are more hands on than the previous version that used European adapter plugs to do their shifting. The team discovers a shifter that is trying to find a scientist that used to work at Massive Dynamic and killing people in its wake. Nina Sharp provides the information to the Fringe team, the scientist’s used to do research in cellular replication, which would be key for a shifter. Before the Fringe team can warn the scientist, he is kidnapped by the shifter.

While this is going on, the Fringe team (especially Broyles) is trying to figure out what to do with the newly arrived Peter, who knows an awful lot of classified Fringe information while no one knows who he is. A meeting with Walter goes badly, but Peter soon gets Broyles to let him help with the shifter investigation once he learns they’re stumped (Peter does have some first hand knowledge on what makes a shifter tick). Peter decodes a shifter’s memory disk, which provides the team a big break and the location of the shifter that kidnapped the scientist. Read More...


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