BEDLAM “Burning Man” Review

BEDLAM "Burning Man" Season 1 Episode 6 - The season finale is upon us and I only have one question: what the hell was that all about?

After Molly suffers a minor burn when a candle flame catches her clothes, Jed realises that another ghost is haunting the group. It’s not long before Molly starts experiencing fires that other people can’t see. Well, aside from Jed, who witnesses a photograph of Molly and Ryan catching alight. He has visions of a burning man, and a little research leads him to a bedlam patient from 30 years ago, who killed his sister and set fire to her body (killing other members of his family in the ensuing blaze) after she rejected him.

Warren plays the good father card, this week, reminiscing with Kate about her childhood and generally trying to get on her good side. It works, too, because she tells him about finding Zoe’s necklace. He’s offended she thinks he could have killed Zoe, and he tells her to take the necklace to the police, but she gives it to him instead. He mentions pub talk which claims Zoe got into a white van on the night of her disappearance. Read More...


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