BLUE BLOODS “Black and Blue” Review

BLUE BLOODS Season 2, Episode 6 "Black and Blue" – Another Blue Bloods episode, another near race riot. I wasn’t sure how to feel about Jamie and Renzulli’s gung-ho break in to the church. Yes,they were doing their job, but it is a house of worship. Pushing to NYPD officers down a flight of stairs was an effective shock tactic; it’s not something you expect, a act of violence mixed with an act of extreme disrespect.

The visual spectacle of the cop/ church member showdown was really powerful, you could practically feel the tension between the two lines, and I really wasn’t sure which way the conflict was going to go, surrender or charge. I think Frank’s statements made later, that it wasn’t a standoff between black men and white cops, the cops were of all races, would have held up a little better if there had been more faces of color in the stand-off lines. I think the show’s creators were trying to show that diversity simply by having the head police negotiator be black, but that wasn’t enough to dispel the appearance of an all white force.

I really wanted someone to mention to Frank, when he continuously referred to "my two officers," that one of said officers was "my youngest son." Blue Bloods is constantly putting the Regan boys in the case of the hour for obvious plot reasons, but even within that conceit of the show it seemed odd no one would point out one of the cops he was so determined to get justice for was his kid. Read More...


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