DEXTER “Just Let Go” Review

Dexter "Just Let Go" Season 6 Episode 6 Review – After last week’s shocking conclusion, which saw Mos’ character Brother Sam take three close range gunshots, "Just Let Go" started by having Dexter hear about the attack while tailing Travis at a farmer’s market. It was interesting to see how broken upDexter was about this shooting, as he’s so rarely emotionally invested in any of the crime scenes he’s working. It was also interesting to see how Dexter is all of a sudden being idolized for his stellar work as a blood splatter analyst. Last week Mike commended him for being so talented, and this week we hear Louis call him a rock star. It’s a bit ironic that Dexter fans have always made fun of Miami Metro for being one of the worst police departments on television, and last week’s episode actually had Mike tell Dexter that he was the only standout in a below-average police department. It’s good to see Dexter being elevated again this week.

I mentioned this in last week’s episode as well, but it’s still frustrating to see Dexter withholding evidence from Metro. I mean, one of his best friends has been shot, and he has a hot lead as to who is responsible. But does he share this in order to bring this man to justice and keep his friend protected from any future danger? Nope, instead he wants to go all Batman again and do it all by himself. You’d think that Dexter’s experience with the Trinity Killer, and the fact that his close friend has been shot, would be reason enough to get as many people to help him as possible. I understand that the vigilante justice angle is a major factor on this show, but this is just getting ridiculous. Then he has the gall to get all mopey when Leo gets shot dead by police. Justice is served, dude! (Or so he thought, at least). Read More...


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