THE SIMPSONS “Replaceable You” Review

THE SIMPSONS "Replaceable You" Season 23 Episode 4 – When I saw that Jane Lynch was guest starring on tonight’s episode as Homer’s assistant, I knew it would not bode well for him. Jane Lynchdoes nemesis well. I’m not sure why Homer would need an assistant but if you get too caught up in the details on The Simpsons, you’re just wasting your time. I thought the storyline was just okay but I did enjoy Flanders being the one to advise Homer on how to take her down. I like to see the dark side ofNed from time to time.

It is interesting that most things on The Simpsons remain the same – everyone stays the same age, the characters, with rare exceptions, wear the same clothes, etc. Somehow in this animated universe where everyone is frozen in time, there is a noticeable difference in Milhouse’s growing creepiness. When The Simpsons first started Milhouse was Bart’s best friend, he was hopelessly in love with Lisa and he was a favorite target for bullies. Now into The Simpsonss 23rd season, Bart is still a loveable prankster, Lisa is still an enthusiastic learner and lover of jazz while Milhouse appears to be growing creepier by the episode. Tonight, we learned that Milhouse has been kissing his dog regularly and that he has custom-made t-shirts with pictures of Bart sleeping. Read More...


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