FAMILY GUY “Stewie Goes for a Drive” Review

FAMILY GUY "Stewie Goes for a Drive" Season 10 Episode 4 – Tonight’s Family Guy was not necessarily a standout but it did provide for a few laughs.

I agree with Peter, looking at someone in the eye and continuing to talk to them as they give you a shot is very brave. To this day, I still close my eyes and turn away when getting a shot.

It was pretty clear that Ryan Reynolds had an unhealthy obsession with Peter from the start of the episode and I was curious to see if it would reach James Woods-like proportions that we’ve seen in past episodes of Family Guy. Surprisingly, I knew what Ryan Reynolds meant when he said that he feared his pants made him look "all balls." I’ve seen that before and it is not good. Where were Joe and Quagmire during this episode? I’m not sure they would have helped but it could have made for an interesting dynamic. The Ryan/Peter storyline was a bit of a letdown. I’m not sure what the point of it was – beyond having Ryan Reynolds on the show. I think the storyline actually needed to be stranger or to have more of a reason for Ryan and Peter to interact with each other. Read More...


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