THE AMAZING RACE “Move Goat” Review

THE AMAZING RACE "Move Goat" Season 19 Episode 7 – The Amazing Race resumed this week with a quick recap of how Andy and Tommy have been bumped up to first place three times! I’ve overlooked this little coincidence, but it’s pretty crazy that three of their four first place finishes have been earned by being bumped up from faster teams making mistakes. It really goes to show you how important it is to read your clues and make less mistakes.

After all of the teams made it on the same bus to a local village, Amani and Marcus had to perform their speed bump challenge. I really can’t remember any other speed bump challenges being this difficult before, but they were really struggling with this one. They’ve had speed bump "challenges" before where they just serve people tea. That’s it. I suppose if you were naturally gifted at slide puzzles then it could have been done easily, but it did look pretty tough. Read More...


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