PAN AM “Truth or Dare” Review

PAN AM "Truth or Dare" Season 1 Episode 7 – After weeks of globe-trotting with our favorite Pan Amcrew, it was time for a little break in "Truth or Dare," as New York set the stage for some major changes for Laura and Kate.

Anyone could tell that Kate’s relationship with her Communist hottie, Nico, probably wasn’t going to end happily ever after, especially when the CIA set their sights on acquiring him as a spy. I was glad to see that Kate’s superiors didn’t trust her with the enormous task of bringing Nico around to their side. She’s learning and she’s getting better, but had they let her take lead, I wouldn’t have believed them as secret agents from then on. Instead, they burst in on the lovers in Kate’s apartment and dragged Nico off to their secret headquarters. Read More..


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