'Community' recap: Not What, But When

Over the years a lot of female Star Trek fans have written slash fiction imagining a romance between Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. My initial reaction to that is something like Troy's "Hey girl, how you livin'?" But the thinking is that those women yearn for the kind of friendship Kirk and Spock have so much that they imagine that there’s even something more there. Friendship is, after all, the best foundation for romance. So it’s not difficult to imagine why Britta, Annie, and Shirley have suspected there’s something more going on with Troy and Abed on Community.

I mean, Trobed finish each other’s sentences, know exactly what the other is thinking, and provide mutual emotional support. At the end of last night’s episode "Advanced Gay," Troy even decided to put his relationship with Abed ahead of his career. Oh, and there is more than a little Kirk/Spock in their sci-fi alter egos, Inspector Spacetime and Constable Reggie. Read More...



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