Community Recap: Pocket Full of Hawthornes

I admired last night’s Community more than I flat-out liked it (which is kind of the way I feel about every episode of the show … but I certainly like it a lot!). I mean, "Advanced Gay" prominently featured a guy dressed like Colonel Sanders who wore a ridiculous-looking wig made out of ivory. There was an entire subplot about the Skulls-like secrets of Greendale’s Air Conditioning Annex in which John Goodman opened the door to the room where the term "room temperature" comes from — yes, the room temperature room — by breathing on the high-security door. And that’s after they left a room where an astronaut was making paninis for Black Hitler. This is a prime-time comedy show, people! Not Wonder Showzen, or that team’s new show The Heart, She Hollers, coming to Adult Swim this Sunday night (not a paid endorsement)! These kinds of things typically don’t fly, but Community sees that as a challenge. And given that "Advanced Gay" also featured a scene from Captain Spacetime replacing Abed and Troy with the lead characters, it appears the challenge was accepted. Read More...


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