The Vampire Diaries 3.08 "Ordinary People" Review

the vampire diaries

That was a history lesson and a half as we learnt the origin of the Original family and how they came to be the Original vampires. Having to reveal this much information might have been a drag, but thanks to the always good Vampire Diaries flashbacks and Rebekah (Claire Holt) as a narrator this was far from a bore. It also helped that this amount of exposition was combined with a separate Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) story. This once again showed how great these two are together and how much this dynamic has been absent for most of this season.

Elena's (Nina Dobrev) plan to have a "mean girl power struggle" with Rebekah actually worked in getting her to spill her secrets; of course prodding was needed and as ever it wasn't a simple 'so tell me your life story' kind of affair. Essentially, in the most simplistic way Rebekah is just like any other girl at high school (albeit a powerful 1000 year vampire- how old when she was turned?), who wants to have friends and go to parties in nice clothes. Elena has spent enough time around vampires to know how to manipulate the conversation to her advantage, all that time playing Katherine's (where is she?) mind games has paid off as she got Rebekah to reveal all the important details. Read More...


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