One Piece Season 1 Episode 10: The Bluff and the Bluffer Recap

Usopp becomes furious with Kurahadol after being called a filthy pirate by him, and leaves his friend Kaya's mansion. A shady character named Jango arrives in the village, and Luffy and Usopp overhear him conversing with Kurahadol by the coast about an assassination plan against Kaya.

The episode begins showing the mysterious moonwalking man once again. At Kaya's mansion, Kurahadol goes on about how Usopp's father, Yasopp, is a filthy pirate, making Usopp livid. Usopp punches Kurahadol in the face, knocking him down. Kurahadol gets up and continues taunting Usopp, and so Usopp, furious, leaves. Luffy gets furious as well, but Zoro and Nami hold him back.

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